Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Break-In Procedure is Complete.

Well, the little Ninja is properly broken in now and is doing just fine. I exhibited much self-restraint and avoiding rolling on the throttle too hard or too often while she was new, and I managed to keep the RPMs low the vast majority of the time. She has over 900 miles on the odometer already, and I'm hoping to have a touch over 2000 before this summer's ride so that I can sustain higher RPMs with confidence. I'm keeping a maintenance log on the motorcycle through this site, and so far she has averaged 67.3 mpg. Not too shabby! Couple that with a 4.8 gallon tank, and the bike has a working range of over 300 miles to a tank. Even with regular fuel at around the $3.50 mark, that range only runs me about $16. Nice!

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