Thursday, June 19, 2008

Readying for the trip...

I'm now up to about 1500 miles on the little Ninja. I like the bike's handling, find it a bit underpowered, and I'm enjoying the gas mileage. Basically it's exactly what I was expecting.

I've been tweaking with tire pressure a bit, and I've been pushing it a bit more in preparation for the big ride. I had it up to 10,500 RPMs in sixth gear yesterday, so I think we can consider the bike totally broken in. Time to do a little maintenance early and ensure all my gear is prepped.

I'm borrowing a tank bag from a friend to help with storage, and I bought a new backpack with a CamelBak holder about two weeks ago. I intend to pick up a sheepskin seat cover for comfort and a Laminar Lip for the windshield. The sprocket still needs to go on, and I'm looking for some summer gloves as well as gel grips, gel soles for my boots, and a CrampBuster for the throttle. It's all coming together slowly as I prioritize what I need and how much time/money I have to prepare.

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